Crew Recruitment

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and Deployment of qualified shipboard personnel are carried out following strict selection procedures by way of interviews and full checks on personal history.

Primary Selection is based on Fleet Manager’s existing pool, and previous sea service performance. Avoiding mixing pools are an important issue to us.
Fleet manager’s pool of “newcomers”, after being thoroughly verified by Vigil operators, interviewed by our Port Captains, and successfully passed PC primary testing’s (Marlin test, CES 4000, etc.), they are submitted to Fleet Manager for approval, including any testing results, and feedback.

Knowledge of the English language is our key competence requirement for an industry where use of the English language ability is essential. In response to the requirements for seafarers to demonstrate ability to communicate in English.

Any seafarer, regardless rank, since first apply to our company he senses the sincerity and “home company” feeling, by answering him all his questions. We encourage him to give all primary testing’s, and we confirm all the support given by the Managers.

We can assign specialized operators, exclusively appointed to each Fleet, familiarized with procedures, I.S.M. requirements, fleet, and cultural aspects. We encourage Management Companies to invest in a short trip of our selected operator(s) to their offices, at minimum costs. Personal contact with responsible staff will help future communication gaps, and built-up credibility aspects.

Teleconference and video conference, with approved seafarers whenever requested by the Fleet Manager personnel.

Our company adheres to a number of principles in its recruitment policy by analyzing the position and its specification in recruiting suitable candidates:

• Evaluating candidates
• Checking and verifying references
• Employing only the best candidates
• Ensuring that objectives are met