Crew Training


FMSL applies the top importance to training and career development for seamen and actively conducts training programs at its own as well as other locations. We therefore have dedicated team of trained and professional trainers who provide instruction on a wide range of topics that satisfy the increasing needs of the global shipping industry. With either the help of sophisticated next generation youth academies, we have had the potential to deliver all the requisite expertise to seamen, from trainees to officials.

FMSL ’ll schedule for all training, qualifications and documentation relevant to seamen before they join the ship. We strongly abide by the rules and regulations of the IMO including STCW 2010. FMSL has had a contract with the Bangladesh Maritime Academy and is entirely fitted with state-of-the-art resources, including bridge and engine room simulation models and also ECDIS. All STCW adjustments as per 2010 Manila are however carried out here and are duly accepted by the shipping department.

Seafarer's License

FMSL often facilitates seafarers to obtain medical health certification at different locations and will provide the requisite instruction and expertise enhancements by IMO accredited organizations. FMSL is capable of handling seafarer licenses and endorsements under the following flags:

Sierra Leone
St Kitts & Nevis

Malta • Panama • Palau • Honduras

Vessel Registration

FMSL frequently facilitates shipping companies to register and certify their ship under the following flag.

Regular safety inspection on deck (ASI Inspections)
Life Preserver, Life Boat, Life Raft, & Davit Annuals/Inspection
Broadcast Survey/Onboard Programming
FFA support (Co2 Extinguishers, Life Rafts) through IACS Authorised
Inmarsat Through Board Activation
The Legitimate Certificates of Non-Iacs
CICA, among many other Technical Certificate Inspections
For every ship (Dry Docking) UT for Hull & Machinery, & NDT for Welds